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NEW ALBUM【BEAUTIFUL MOON】のCDを サイン入りでお届けします。 BEAUTIFUL MOON 1. BEAUTIFUL MOON 2. よっぱらいの恋 3. G線上のアリア 4. project HOME 5. pico 6. I miss your smile and… 7. だいじょうぶ2020 feat.mabanua 8. ほしがおれのすべてだ2020 feat.KanSano 9. アマビエ アーティスト shizuka kashima Musicians KanSano (M8) mabanua (M7) THE MEGANE STRINGS (M3,M8) vn.鹿嶋静 and vn.セクシーパスタ林三 and va.のかもと art galaxy SUPER DEBRIS (M7,M8) necchi and cupchim and yumphya Songwriting and Produced by Shizuka Kashima Mixed by Atsushi Fujita(Sound Lab OISEAU) Mastered by Y.Utsunomia (Studio HAMANO) Design engineer by J-ART special thanks to origami PRODUCTIONS DEER RECORDS | KASHIMA Inc.

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